My name is John Gak and I am the President of the Brother’s Organization for Relief, also known as B.O.R. I have been a resident of Kansas City, Missouri for 19 years. , I was born in the county of BOR in   Republic of South Sudan.

Before I came to U.S.A., at the age of 22, I joined the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (S.P.L.A.) as a recruitment officer.  As an officer, I often visited refugee camps in Kenya and worked with the United Nations.  While in Nairobi, I was taught the gospel by an American missionary at the Great Commission School of Preaching and was baptized into Christ.

In 1999, the congregations in Kansas City assisted me in forming the Brother’s Organization for Relief (BOR), a 501© 3, nonprofit organization for the purpose of providing assistance to the people of Republic of Southern Sudan. The Newest Country who just got independent in 2011 from the old Sudan it is now becomes the Republic of South Sudan.

In the 15 years of my leadership, much has been accomplished—books for libraries, textbooks, pens, teaching aids and educational materials have been provided to the children of the Republic of Southern Sudan. A 4 classroom Pamot Christian primary school has been completed and Mission Continue to growth others schools are being constructed in BOR town. And Children has been sponsoring to go schools in neighboring countries for High Education

I always travel to Republic of Southern Sudan and am committed to taken the gospel in the refugee camps Like Kukma Refugee Camps in Northern Kenya.  Many have heard and obeyed the gospel and are returning to BOR in an effort to rebuild their families, their communities and their personal lives.  I am a servant of GOD who is committed for the cause of Christ and the Christian needs of the people of The Republic of Southern Sudan. This suffering causes by twenty years before peace in 2005 and December 15,2013  war was cause by  two evil mans who have no version for Nation and the people,  this  war displacing hundreds of thousands of peoples , those of us who survived ran from place to place God brought me to the united states to be the messenger about what is happening in my home country of South Sudan, before I came to the united I asked myself and God why we are alone in this world and why the world is so worried about how to save the lives of animals, but no one cares about us. Where are the Christian brothers and sisters? But after I questioned myself, I decided I should keep my faith in God, the Master who created all human beings. Since I have founded Brother’s Organization for Relief [BOR] I have seen that Christian’s brothers and sisters really do care, I would be humbly graceful if you and your family will contact me or prayer for me to keep this work going and growing, I know our nation U.S.A is reeling under the blows of economic hardship and many families are deeply concerned about their future. I have put our trust in God in the generosity of his people. I  hope that you will give my  appeal prayerful consideration , the   brother’s Organization for relief [Bor] is supporting by Swope parkway Church of Christ , Missouri  under the wonderful Members and the Leadership .I am  confident the people of the Gospel will answer this call because it is the right things to do .I believe as members of the body of Christ, that it will never hurt the Lord’s Church to give to the poor and people who are in need, especially those in need of God ‘s word.

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